About Us

Art4unicef.com is an online platform to do charity with art. We fulfill charitable purposes by inviting artists to sell their artworks for charity. We welcome artists to showcase their charitable artworks online and raise funds for charity. Charity is all about giving back to society. We, being a responsible member of society promote artists for selling their stuff for charity and contribute to the welfare of society.

For charity, we need maximum support from society. We aim to create a large community of artists and enthusiasts contributing to charitable purposes with art. Art can be a great healing power against pain and suffering. Art can inspire enhancing a ray of hope in the lives of many. We focus on building awareness about artists displaying their artworks for sale. Our online art gallery displays the creative art made by our talented artists to be sold for charitable purposes.

Arts that promote world peace, nature’s art, the healing power of colors, and spiritual art by artists have contributed greatly to raise funds for charity online. We focus on enhancing our sincere efforts to give back to society with the beauty of artistic creations. The online platform is open for artists to provide their artworks for creating awareness and raise funds for charity.

Our efforts are focused to promote humanity and share creative artworks to fulfill our mission of a sustainable society. We promote art forms with world-changing ideas, ecological art, art for healthcare services, and healing art.

We ask our dedicated artists to share their creations with us and we would display and promote their art to raise funds for charity. With an online community of artists, it becomes possible to reach the maximum audience and raise huge funds for charity. Artists willing to change society can voluntarily display their artworks and promote to sell.